Python environment

First, have pip installed.

Now install the libraries:

sudo pip install -r requirements.txt

Install mongoDB

Download mongodb and decompress it.

cd /path/to/your/mongodb/bin
mongod --dbpath  /path/to/your/db --bind_ip your_ip --port your_port

Install Anaconda

Download and install Anaconda.

Build your own config file

Make a copy of and rename it to

Edit and feel free to create subclasses that inherit Config class.

Fill in the blanks for CONSUMER_KEY, CONSUMER_SECRET, ACCESS_TOKEN and ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET. These values are from your own twitter apps.

Run collector

python -m collector "Keyword to search" --config YourOwnConfigClassName

Replace YourOwnConfigClassName to the class you created in


Start ipython notebook to run analyze code.

ipython notebook --matplotlib=inline

Then access ipython notebook and open analyze.ipynb.