=== System requirements ===

Python 2.6 or later, cmake, gcc,
sketch-frontend, sketch-backend

Follow installation instructions from and respectively.

>>> make gatoatigrado_lib
>>> make gccxml
>>> make pygccxml

=== Building ===

>>> make build

=== Testing ===

>>> make test

=== Developing ===

setuptools isn't that advanced, so you need to remove the build folder and rebuild when things change. You can run the test.zsh script, which will do this for you (and try to import the packages from Python,

to make sure they work).

=== Running ===

Top-level script to use/import is in src.

To run with the front-end of sketch, create an executable of For linux use, cxfreeze utility.

sketch --fe-cegis-path=<sketch-wrapper-exe path> <sketch-file>