The `` Boost Documentation Project

By Gavin Baker <>

This project contains source code examples that illustrate how to use
various libraries from the Boost C++ project, starting with the `threads`
module.  The accompanying articles are published at:

The currently available articles are as follows:

 - Part I: Threads
 - Part II: Threading Challenges
 - Part III: Mutexes
 - Part IV: Mutex Examples
 - Part V: Condition Variables

The source tree is organised as follows:

 - `threads`: examples for Part I
 - `mutexes`: sample code for parts III and IV
 - `condition`: condition variables for Part V
 - `memory`: smart pointers

The articles on my blog are published under a Creative Commons Attribution
Non-Commercial Share-Alike 2.5 license [1].  The source exmples herein are
published under the most permissive and shortest license I could find, which
is the MIT license (see [2] or LICENSE file for details).  It takes many,
many hours to write all these articles, write the code, test it and prepare
it for the web.  Basically, do whatever you like with the sample code, but
please respect my copyright on the articles.


I hope this work is useful to you.  Given how useful I have found the Boost
libraries, this is one way I can contribute back to the community, by
writing articles and sample code.

If you have any suggestions, comments or feedback, please do not hesitate to
contact me at the above address.  I am publishing the source repository at:

so that anyone can clone the source, modify it, send patches, and so on.
Contributions welcome!

  :: Gavin Baker

  Spring, 2009
  Melbourne, Australia