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bgen / Releases

This is a history of releases of the BGEN reference implementation.

v1.1.3 (May 1st 2018)

  • bgenix -vcf: further speed up output (by about ~20X; d0b786b)

v1.1.2 (Apr 26 2018)

  • bgenix: support NFSv3 filesystems by avoiding locking #13 (154d089d5ddf)
  • bgenix -vcf: bugfix for lookup-table based implementation on some platforms #16 (0b911770f33c)

v1.1.1 (Mar 23 2018)

  • bgenix: lookup-table based implementation of bgenix -vcf for 8-bit encoded files
  • additional file reading optimisations
  • implement functional tests / continuous integration tests (see pipelines)
  • full rbgen source package can now be constructed with ./waf build_rbgen

v1.1.0 (Feb 5th 2018)

  • Performance improvements for bgen file reading
  • rbgen: improvements to build process
  • rbgen: bgen.load(): add rsids argument to restrict to specified rsids
  • rbgen: bgen.load(): add samples argument to restrict to specified samples
  • bgenix: be more sensible about behaviour when there's an existing partially created index (.bgi.tmp) file
  • implement example compute_expected_dosage. This computes expected dosage for biallelic variants using either floating-point arithmetic or a lookup table, enabling performance comparisons.
  • Implement Robot Test Framework-based functional testing

v1.0.2 (Jan 25th 2018)

  • bgenix: fix VCF output metadata

v1.0.1 (Jul 27th 2017)

  • bgenix: fix for VCF output of ID fields

  • THis release