# qctool - README Copyright 2009-2016 Gavin Band, University of Oxford This package comprises the QCTOOL program for quality control of a set of SNP marker data, together with some other utility programs. For full details see <http://www.well.ox.ac.uk/~gav/qctool_v2>. ## Obtaining QCTOOL ## Basic instructions for obtaining and/or compiling QCTOOL can be found on the [QCTOOL download page](http://www.well.ox.ac.uk/~gav/qctool_v2/#download). For further information, see the wiki page on [compiling QCTOOL](https://bitbucket.org/gavinband/qctool/wiki/Compiling%20QCTOOL). ## Acknowledgements ## QCTOOL was written by Gavin Band, based on an initial design by Gavin Band and Jonathan Marchini. QCTOOL gratefully makes use of functionality from the following projects: - zlib (http://zlib.net/) - the boost C++ libraries (<http://www.boost.org>) - sqlite3 (<http://www.sqlite.org>), - the Eigen library (<http://eigen.tuxfamily.org>) - the SNPHWE code from Wigginton et al (http://www.sph.umich.edu/csg/abecasis/Exact) - the Zstandard library(http://www.zstd.net).