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I get this error when I try to compile qctool in CentOS 7:

[103/800] cxx: genfile/src/bgen/bgen.cpp -> build/default/genfile/src/bgen/bgen_1.o In file included from /usr/include/c++/4.8.2/cassert:43:0, from ../genfile/include/genfile/zlib.hpp:12, from ../genfile/include/genfile/bgen/bgen.hpp:18, from ../genfile/src/bgen/bgen.cpp:13: ../genfile/src/bgen/bgen.cpp: In function ‘const byte_t genfile::bgen::v12::impl::read_bits_from_buffer(const byte_t, const byte_t, uint64_t, int*, uint8_t)’: ../genfile/src/bgen/bgen.cpp:392:14: error: ‘CHAR_BIT’ was not declared in this scope assert( CHAR_BIT == 8 ) ; ^ At global scope: cc1plus: warning: unrecognized command line option "-Wno-redeclared-class-member" [enabled by default] Waf: Leaving directory `/dist/qctool1/qctool/build' Build failed: -> task failed (err #1): {task: cxx bgen.cpp -> bgen_1.o}

This error was corrected in the new version of bgen, but not in the version used by qctool.

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