QCTOOL error while reading UKBIOBANK bgen file

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Hi I have a problem at qctool with ukbiobank data

../tool/qctool -read-test -g ukb_hap_chr22_v2.bgen

Welcome to qctool
(revision: 83601e635164fd14a41df047d68372cee8080aba)

(C) 2009-2011 University of Oxford

Opening genotype files : [******] (1/1,-4.1s,-0.2/s)

Input SAMPLE file(s): Output SAMPLE file: "(n/a)".
Sample statistic output file: "(n/a)".
Sample exclusion output file: "(n/a)".

Input GEN file(s):
( 10911 snps) "ukb_hap_chr22_v2.bgen"
(total 10911 snps in 1 sources).
Number of samples: 487409
Output GEN file(s): (n/a)
Output SNP position file(s): (n/a)
SNP statistic output file(s):
Sample filter: (none).
SNP filter: (none).

of samples in input files: 487409.

of samples after filtering: 487409 (0 filtered out).


qctool: ../genfile/src/bgen.cpp:62: void genfile::bgen::impl::read_snp_identifying_data(std::istream&, genfile::bgen::impl::uint32_t, genfile::bgen::impl::uint32_t, std::string, std::string, unsigned char, genfile::bgen::impl::uint32_t, std::string, std::string*): Assertion `RSID_size <= max_id_size' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)

I have the same problem at haplotype/imputed bgen files

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