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Do QCTOOL V2 support vcf to bgen_v1.1 conversions? The help shows bgen_v1.1 is supported. However, I tried the following command using both qctool_v2.0-rc9 and qctoolv2.1-dev, both of them gave me an BGenError, using bgen_v1.2 seems fine.

*qctool_v2.1-dev -g all.samples.vqsr.vcf.gz -og all.samples.vqsr.bgen -ofiletype bgen_v1.1

filetype hint = "bgen_v1.1", guess is "bgen_v1.1". Processing SNPs : (0/?,0.0s,0.0/s)terminate called after throwing an instance of 'genfile::bgen::BGenError' what(): BGenError Abort*

Thanks Haiyan

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