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This module is actively used on to manage the french python comunity members.

The following examples show all features of the package. If you just want to give it a try in a quickest way read Installation and configuration from the Sphinx documentation.

Get a connection (this custom afpy connection get is configuration from a ~/.ldap.ini file. See Installation and configuration):

>>> from afpy.ldap import custom as ldap
>>> conn = ldap.get_conn()

Get a node via is dn:

>>> dn = 'uid=gawel,ou=members,dc=afpy,dc=org'
>>> node = conn.get_node(dn)
>>> node
<Node at uid=gawel,ou=members,dc=afpy,dc=org>

>>> print node.birthDate

You can also define your own node class with a schema:

>>> from afpy.ldap.node import Node
>>> from afpy.ldap import schema
>>> class User(Node):
...     uid=schema.StringProperty('uid')
...     birthDate = schema.DateProperty('birthDate', title='Date de naissance')
>>> node = conn.get_node(dn, node_class=User)
>>> node
<User at uid=gawel,ou=members,dc=afpy,dc=org>

Then data is converted to a python object:

>>> node.birthDate, 4, 10)

This also allow to generate forms with FormAlchemy:

>>> from afpy.ldap import forms
>>> fs = forms.FieldSet(User)
>>> user = User()
>>> fs.rebind(user)
>>> print fs.render().strip() # doctest: +ELLIPSIS +NORMALIZE_WHITESPACE
  <label class="field_opt" for="User--uid">Uid</label>
  <input id="User--uid" name="User--uid" type="text" />
  <label class="field_opt" for="User--birthDate">Date de naissance</label>

The source code can be find on the AFPy repository

Got a bug, feature request ? Want to send beer because you love it ? Send an email at or join us on the #afpy channel on freenode.

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