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Henrik Vendelbo avatarHenrik Vendelbo created an issue

editables are put in 'src' directory. Is this configurable, I'd prefer to put it in parts(not sure if this is a bad idea for some reason)

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  1. Henrik Vendelbo
    • changed status to open

    On second thought it doesn't seem to work putting git: and svn+http: entries in install list. The example suggest putting it in editables, but that will put it in src, not cool, as I don't want to check it in.

  2. Gael Pasgrimaud

    src/ is the default pip directory. I think i can add an option for this.

    I dont have time for now. I will try to look at this in a few weeks...

    Fill free to provide a patch if you can't wait for this feature.

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