editables with virtualenv are always put in develop-eggs-directory

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Issue #10 open
saintgermain created an issue

It seems that we should mirror the pip behavior here and let the *.egg-link in the site-packages directory instead of moving them in the develop-eggs-directory. I proposed a patch in the patch queue to solve the issue

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  1. Gael Pasgrimaud repo owner
    • changed status to open

    As I remember I do that so buildout can find them. eg: if you use zc.recipe.egg after the pip's recipe without this this buildout will try to reinstall them. May be we can copy egg-link instead of moving ?

  2. saintgermain reporter

    Do you mean that you want to cover the case where we specified the same 'project' under the gp.recipe.pip and the zc.recipe.egg ? Because for regular (i.e. non-develop) project, you don't make a copy in the eggs directory, so buildout reinstall them again with zc.recipe.egg.

    If we suppose that gp.recipe.pip and zc.recipe.egg don't mess with one another, I don't see the problem of letting the eggs and develop-eggs untouched. If you want to install the same project with gp.recipe.pip and zc.recipe.egg, then you are free to do it (but yes it will be reinstall and you will have to be extra-careful for version conflict).

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