find-links inconsistencies for path

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Issue #9 open
saintgermain created an issue

It seems that find-links is expected to be a simple path for buildout (like /home/user/sources) but pip -f expect a file prefix like file:/ / / /home/users/sources (sorry but cannot write 3 slashes with bitbucket). I proposed a patch in the patch queue to solve the issue

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  1. saintgermain reporter
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    Sorry my first patch was a little "dirty" (I was testing if the patch already exist instead of checking if it's a path and I put three slashes instead of 2). My new patch in the patch queue should fixe these issues.

  2. saintgermain reporter

    I've tested today my patch on Python 2.4, and urlparse.urlparse().scheme only exist starting from Python 2.5. So it's better to use urlparse.urlparse()[0] instead of urlparse.urlparse().scheme.

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