rkonoval committed 975459c

#81: The method getObject in RS class processes null value incorrectly

RS.wasNull() returns incorrect values or sometimes exception is thrown (index out of range) after getObject()
getObject doesn't remember last accessed column if value in column is null
remember last accessed column in getObject

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      * @see java.sql.ResultSet#getObject(int)
     public Object getObject(int col) throws SQLException {
-        switch (db.column_type(stmt.pointer, checkCol(col))) {
+        switch (db.column_type(stmt.pointer, markCol(col))) {
         case SQLITE_INTEGER:
             long val = getLong(col);
             if (val > Integer.MAX_VALUE || val < Integer.MIN_VALUE) {


+    public void nullsForGetObject() throws SQLException {
+        ResultSet rs = stat.executeQuery("select 1, null union all select null, null;");
+        assertTrue(;
+        assertNotNull(rs.getString(1));
+        assertFalse(rs.wasNull());
+        assertNull(rs.getObject(2));
+        assertTrue(rs.wasNull());
+        assertTrue(;
+        assertNull(rs.getObject(2));
+        assertTrue(rs.wasNull());
+        assertNull(rs.getObject(1));
+        assertTrue(rs.wasNull());
+        assertFalse(;
+        rs.close();
+    }
+    @Test
     public void tempTable() throws SQLException {
         assertEquals(stat.executeUpdate("create temp table myTemp (a);"), 0);
         assertEquals(stat.executeUpdate("insert into myTemp values (2);"), 1);
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