Allow per-document disabling of open/closed hand differentiation

Issue #13 resolved
Markus Kraft created an issue

I find the open/closed Hand detection quite cumbersome, no matter what I try, it doesn't work reliably.

So, I set up the Geco to transmit on the same cc# for both open and closed Hand, unlinked, so no matter wether Geco sees my Hand open or closed, it just sees "my Hand".

I have to allways set up two cc#s (open/closed), and, whats worse, I see two MIDI out bar regions, open and closed, whatever Geco thinks it detected my Hand to be. I find this disturbing.

would a simple Checkbox in the document Settings possible, for each Hand, to allow for open/closed Hand detection, or not?

If not, you could shrink the config Panel to only Show ONE midi cc# per gesture, and you can shrink the midi bar Output, to only Show ONE Region (Hand) instead of open/closed Hand.

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  1. Geert Bevin repo owner

    I am intrigued though why the open/closed detection isn't working for you.

    The way it functions is by simply looking at the number of visible fingers, there need to be at least three. However, due to the way the Leap detects fingers, they might disappear when you slant your hand upwards or sideways. So as soon as you exceed a certain hand inclination angle, the open or closed position stays locked until you get back into a roughly horizontal position. Have you tried changing between open and closed with that in mind?

    This doesn't take away the usefulness of your feature suggestion though, I think it would greatly simplify the application for people that aren't interested in the hand openness.

  2. Markus Kraft reporter

    Pitch inclination is the main problem for me: I enter the leap, hand open, and as I slant my open hand upwards, I automatically exceed this inclination angle and geco switches to closed hand...

    It's not reliable to me at least.

  3. Geert Bevin repo owner

    So it might be that the pitch threshold is not low enough for you. I'll experiment with some additional settings. Maybe make it configurable through the document file first to see if we can come up with settings that work for you.

  4. leelou

    I have the same problem with the open/colse detection, and I have done exactly the same thing as Tab Sel. For me it is too sensitive and needs indeed a threshold setting on this parameter.

  5. Geert Bevin repo owner

    Have you tried the openness robustness setting? If you increase it, the reaction time should be a bit more latent but it should be more robust.

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