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Issue #29 resolved
rdomain created an issue

It would be great to have a latching mode for controlling on/off switches. Currently, the Geco will detect your hand (turns on) and then remove hand (turns off). Having a latching/toggle type switch feature would be great for controlling on/off switches for various software. Even if you have to choose all latch or all not??

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  1. rdomain reporter

    Excellent. Looking forward to it. An actual feature of this could be each gesture could be a different switch grouping there by being able to set up preset patches for different synth/fx settings with each gesture.

  2. Geert Bevin repo owner

    The way I see this working is that you set a threshold range (min/max) within which the latch would activate for each gesture. At that point it outputs the maximum value. When you reactivate the latch within that threshold, it goes back to zero. This would be independent for each data stream and with the thresholds you can organize them in 3D space. Would that work for you?

  3. rdomain reporter

    Yes I think this would work for sure. As long as when I'm removing my hand from the detection zone, it doesn't trigger the minimum on the way out. Essentially, if I could trigger a maximum value when I swipe thru one gesture and then the next time I swipe thru that same gesture, it will trigger the minimum. This will be a great added feature. Thanks for attempting to implement!

  4. rdomain reporter

    Cool. Will check out. Does it take some time for the update to show on Airspace as it's listing the older version. I'm guessing that's how you update?

    Thanks for the update!

  5. Geert Bevin repo owner

    Oh, sorry, this doesn't mean it's done. I planned it for version 1.2 instead of version 1.1.1 from before. We're getting ready to push out version 1.1 next week. This improvement will be in the release after that. Sorry for the confusion.

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