Geco resets every min or so

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Duncan Brinsmead created an issue

After calibrating and cleaning the leap motion, in addition to turning off most lights I'm getting fast response with geco with no sticking. However about once every few min or so( though randomly) geco seems to reset (the display looks as if one removed the hand). It then takes about a second before it accepts entry of the hand. I don't think it was always doing this, and perhaps is a problem with the leap as it warmed up. Any ideas what could be happening? Could it be the usb? or would that just cause sticking? I'm currently using a powered usb hub with a macbook pro retina.

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  1. Geert Bevin repo owner

    Could certainly be the USB hub, cable or even USB port on your computer. The Leap Motion uses a lot of USB bandwidth, it needs a very good connection.

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