Losing tracking.

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Sylvain created an issue

Hi there. I dunno if the topic has been talked about but as i didn't find about it. I'm using geco to control the bowing movement of "the viola" from sample modeling. i need just left hand and no open hand so to avoid complications and disfunction of the geek interface i kept only one hand active and I have set the "always use left hand" option (and have disable all functions i don't need to be sure Geco midi to concentrate on my left hand and nothing else....

Despite all that, Geco midi is always loosing tracking. i have check with the leap motion visualizer, and the "hand" in Geco midi lose the tracking and disappear, while it is still present and active in Leap Motion visualizer. Which result in a drop in the sound until i move a bit fast over the leap motion for the Geco to restart tracking.

Is there a way to ovoid it ? Thanks a lot. Sylvain

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  1. Geert Bevin repo owner

    GECO relies on the Leap Motion information to perform the tracking, we don't track ourselves. Note that GECO relies on the palm of your hand being visible, not the fingers. This might be why you're seeing a difference with the visualizer.

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