Min & Max don't seem to limit output range

Issue #60 resolved
Peter Tjeerdsma created an issue

I'm using Geco to send OSC to software that only accepts 0-1 values. So for most movement axes (except y) and I've entered a 50% offset and 0.5 scaling. Unless I'm missing something, that should change the default range of (-1 to +1) to output (0 to 1). But it still goes negative... Maybe I don't understand how min / max is intented to work? Or maybe this is actually a feature request for a clipped 0-1 output range option for OSC?

Love Geco, in the process of setting it up to use for interactive LED lightsculpture...

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  1. Geert Bevin repo owner

    Setting Min to 50% and Scale to 0.5 in advanced settings should do what you want. Have you tried that?

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