Boundary settings leave a "dead zone" in the middle when both ends are limited

Issue #61 resolved
Peter Tjeerdsma created an issue

I'm trying to reduce the range of necessary motion using the boundary sliders in the Document Settings panel. The up/down range works as expected - I can limit the boundary at both ends and the resulting motion range remains continuous. However, on all the others ranges, if I limit both ends the motion sensing becomes discontinuous, leaving a "dead zone" in the middle. I've also tried to do this with scaling and offsets, but that results in out-of-range values for OSC (separate issue posted). I'm trying to set up comfortable ranges to allow users to leave their elbows on a sliding/pivoting armrest in order to reduce "elephant arm" fatigue.

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  1. Geert Bevin repo owner

    This behaves as intended, one of the reasons the boundary settings were introduced was to allow a dead zone in the middle. The vertical range seems different since you can go beneath the Leap Motion controller.

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