data sent to /open/ OSC paths upon moving hand out of range, even when open hand disabled

Issue #62 wontfix
Peter Tjeerdsma created an issue

While testing range behaviors with Osculator, I noticed that /open/____ paths were appearing even though I've disabled all open hands across the entire configuration panel. (I saw this because Osculator creates a new message list item upon receiving any data on a given path.) This seemed odd and intermittent at first, even with my hand closed and level at all times. Then I realized that it was happening at the point of removing my hand from the detection area, not moving within it. Experimenting further, it appears that if OSC is active on any given axis, some kind of message is being sent on both /open/ and /closed/ OSC paths when removing my hand, regardless of whether it's open or closed, or whether /open/ or /closed/ is enabled on those axes. Osculator's "Quick Look" traveling graph doesn't show any valid data appearing on the disabled /open/ channels at any time, so that spurious data doesn't seem to be of the expected float data type. (Don't have a way to scan more deeply, sorry.) That data isn't causing me problems at this point, but it could be a snake in the grass.

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  1. Peter Tjeerdsma reporter

    Similarly, the /left/ paths appear even though I've chosen "always use right hand" in Document Settings. Mute and solo seem to work as expected: when removing my hand, all paths get hit except the muted ones.
    However, when I turn solo or mute off, all active OSC paths get a hit, even though my hand is nowhere near the detector at that point.

  2. Geert Bevin repo owner

    This is actually on purpose, when you remove your hand GECO sends 0 for all the active data streams, this is important since you might be switching between open and closed data and then remove your hand. Without the reset, the other data stream can be left dangling.

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