OSX Geco MIDI does not open.

Issue #64 resolved
Katja DeCuir created an issue

Issue: When launched from launcher, save file, or from applications, the icon appears in the dock with the designator to tell you its running, however.. no screen starts up, no midi messages are being sent or anything.

Information: iMac 2013 model 3.2 GHz i5 processor with 24GBs of RAM and 1TB HDD. OS: OSX Sierra 10.12.1 Version of GECO: i don't know, whatever leap motion menu downloaded for me. i cannot open the program so i cannot read off the version inside the about or settings menu.

Steps to reproduce: boot computer. click GECO's icon. wait.

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  1. Katja DeCuir reporter

    for more information, i have previously used it correctly with zero issues. i saved a setting containing three mapped controls to the desktop and exited. when i came back for the next session, it started having the issue... to be more precise, after reading through all the bug reports, it is not a crash. i recieve no error about anything. the icon is there telling me its running until i manually right click and tell it to force quit.

  2. Geert Bevin repo owner

    GECO remains running in the background if you close the window in order for you to be able to perform without requiring to show the UI. You will see its icon in the dock. Simply click on it and go to the View menu at the top of the screen and select Show Window.

  3. Katja DeCuir reporter

    thank you! i wasn't aware of that option. i am quite new to useing the leap motion in the studio as well as using any of the applications that come with it. i can say that your program alone is the number one software used with the device by everyone who uses it at the studio and pretty much anyone else i know who has a LEAP. so, thank you!

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