New Leap Firmware = V2 Not Responsive = Can't use Geco

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Matthew Babineaux created an issue


I had to get a firmware update for my Leap controller which only makes the controller responsive in Orion SDK, not V2 SDK. Geco midi will not recognize my Leap controller. Is there any work around? Will there be any Orion-compatible version of Geco coming out soon?

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  1. Oliver Ratzke

    Can't get GECO to work too! It says the following:

    A Leap Motion legacy application has connected with references to the "enableGesture" API which has been removed. The app should be rebuilt using the latest Leap Motion SDK and best practices.

    GECO was my reason to buy the LeapMotionController! Please HELP!!!

  2. Oliver Ratzke

    Hey Matthew!

    I solved my problem by installing the SDK 3.2.1! Maybe it is the solution for you too!?



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