Mike Orr avatar Mike Orr committed 5832a28

Python 2.6 patch for webhelpers.util by Mike Verdone.

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 tip (development version)
+* Delete ``webhelpers.string24``.  WebHelpers no longer supports Python 2.3.
 * webhelpers.html.grid_demo:
   - Demonstrates ``webhelpers.html.grid``. Run as 
   - Bugfixes.
-* webhelpers.string24:
+* webhelpers.util:
-  - Delete module. WebHelpers no longer supports Python 2.3.
+  - Bugfix: ``parse_qs`` moved from ``cgi`` to ``urlparse`` in Python 2.6.
+    Patch by Mike Verdone.
 1.0b3 (2009-12-29)


 from UserDict import DictMixin
 from xml.sax.saxutils import XMLGenerator
+    from urlparse import parse_qs
+except ImportError:   # Python < 2.6
+    from cgi import parse_qs
 def update_params(url, **params):
     """Update query parameters in a URL.
     url, fragment = urlparse.urldefrag(url)
     if "?" in url:
         url, qs = url.split("?", 1)
-        query = urlparse.parse_qs(qs)
+        query = parse_qs(qs)
         query = {}
     for key, value in params.iteritems():
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