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[svn] small cleanup to counter

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     del request_config().environ['railshelpers.cycles'][name]
-def counter(*args, **kwargs):
+def counter(name='default', start=1, step=1):
     """Return the next cardinal in a sequence.
     Every time ``counter`` is called, the value returned will be the next
         % #endfor
-    You can used named counters to prevent clashes in nested loops.
+    You can use named counters to prevent clashes in nested loops.
     You'll have to reset the inner cycle manually though.  See the
     documentation for ``webhelpers.text.cycle()`` for a similar
-    # optional name of this list
-    name = kwargs.get('name', 'default')
-    # optional starting value for this sequence
-    start = kwargs.get('start', 1)
-    # optional step size of this sequence
-    step = kwargs.get('step', 1)
     counters = request_config().environ.setdefault('railshelpers.counters', {})
     # ripped off of itertools.count
     return markdown.markdown(text)
-__all__ = ['cycle', 'reset_cycle', 'truncate', 'highlight', 'excerpt', 'word_wrap', 'simple_format',
-           'auto_link', 'strip_links', 'textilize', 'markdown']
+__all__ = ['cycle', 'reset_cycle', 'counter', 'reset_counter', 'truncate', 'highlight', 'excerpt',
+           'word_wrap', 'simple_format', 'auto_link', 'strip_links', 'textilize', 'markdown']