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README and .cabal updates

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 On linux, the following command will install the delta-h executable in the 
 bin directory:
-cabal install --prefix=`pwd`/bin
+cabal install --prefix=`pwd`

File delta-h.cabal

 -- Extra files to be distributed with the package, such as examples or
 -- a README.
- Extra-source-files:  README, LICENSE
+Extra-source-files:  README, LICENSE
 -- Constraint on the version of Cabal needed to build this package.
 Cabal-version:       >=1.2
                  base >= 3 && < 5
   -- Modules not exported by this package.
-  -- Other-modules:       
+  Other-modules: Counts, Entropy.Algorithm, Reader, ListZipper, SparseVector,
+                 Utils, Entropy.Features       
   -- Extra tools (e.g. alex, hsc2hs, ...) needed to build the source.
   -- Build-tools: