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More plurals.

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 	, "foot":   ("m", ft_m)
 	, "feet":   ("m", ft_m)
 	, "yard":   ("m", yd_m)
+	, "yards":   ("m", yd_m)
 	, "mile":   ("km", mi_km)
 	, "miles":  ("km", mi_km)
 	# weight
 	, "gallons": ("L", gal_L)
 	# area
 	, "acre": ("ha", ac_ha)
+	, "acres": ("ha", ac_ha)
 	, "square mile": ("square km", sqmi_sqkm)
+	, "square miles": ("square km", sqmi_sqkm)
 	# temperature
 	, "degree Fahrenheit": ("°C", F_C)
 	, "degrees Fahrenheit": ("°C", F_C)
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