illumos-locales README - Oct 17, 2014.

Copyright 2014 Garrett D'Amore <>

This tree is an extraction of some of the localedef input files and
packaging from illumos-gate.

The rationale here is that the locale input files are huge if stored
in intermediate form, whereas we can generate them from CLDR if we're
willing to bite the bullet and use CLDR's tools directly.  Sadly this
involves the use of "ant" and Java 1.7 or newer.

This builds like illumos-gate, and has packages.  However, it needs the
following to be installed on the build system:

	* Java 1.7 or better
	* ant
	* localedef

Note carefully that the binaries that are created are tied to the version
of libc on the build system.  Normally this isn't a problem, but if libc
and localedef ever change, then the packages will need to be regenerated.