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 value (it_http :
   (request -> I.iteratee char 'a) ->
-  I.iteratee char 'a
+  (I.iteratee char (request * 'a))
 process_request =
   let fail r = I.throw_err & Bad_request r in
     ; rq_headers = make_headers header_lines
     >>= fun request ->
+    let ret = I.mapI (fun res -> (request, res)) in
     let user_it = process_request request in
     if not & request_has_message_body request
       let () = dbg "request has no body, sending EOF to user's iteratee" in
-      it_eof user_it
+      ret & it_eof user_it
       let () = dbg "request has body" in
       match bounds with
       [ `Till_eof ->
           let () = dbg "bounds: till eof" in
-          user_it
+          ret & user_it
       | `Content_length len ->
           let () = dbg "bounds: Content_length %i" len in
-          I.joinI & I.take len user_it
+          ret & I.joinI & I.take len user_it
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