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-(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 75c7dd136736dc7fa7066c9dfebfa4ac) *)
+(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 22a87dd6f6583360693cb654c608a58d) *)
 This is the INSTALL file for the cadastr distribution.
 This package uses OASIS to generate its build system. See section OASIS for
 * ocaml for all, test all
 * findlib
 * oUnit for executable tests
-* json-wheel cadastr for library cadastr_json
+* json-wheel for library cadastr_json
   Path: src
-  BuildDepends: json-wheel cadastr
+  BuildDepends: json-wheel, cadastr
   NativeOpt:       -w A
   ByteOpt:         -w A
   XMETADescription: some json support for cadastr
-# DO NOT EDIT (digest: 47d26fd0e44ecd4c1c97b31bfa51ab76)
+# DO NOT EDIT (digest: 72e65b6bf3cae38a8c6513c915e60882)
 # Ignore VCS directories, you can use the same kind of rule outside 
 # OASIS_START/STOP if you want to exclude directories that contains 
 # useless stuff for the build process
 <src/*.ml{,i}>: oasis_library_cadastr_byte
 <src/cadastr.{cma,cmxa}>: oasis_library_cadastr_native
 <src/*.ml{,i}>: oasis_library_cadastr_native
-<src/*.ml{,i}>: pkg_num
 # Executable tests
 "test/test.byte": oasis_executable_tests_byte
 <test/*.ml{,i}>: oasis_executable_tests_byte
 <src/*.ml{,i}>: oasis_library_cadastr_json_byte
 <src/cadastr_json.{cma,cmxa}>: oasis_library_cadastr_json_native
 <src/*.ml{,i}>: oasis_library_cadastr_json_native
-<src/*.ml{,i}>: pkg_json-wheel cadastr
+<src/*.ml{,i}>: use_cadastr
+<src/*.ml{,i}>: pkg_num
+<src/*.ml{,i}>: pkg_json-wheel
 <**/*.ml> | <**/*.mli> : camlp4r
 (* generated for the first time by OASIS v0.2.1~alpha1 *)
-(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 3d280c5a25bbd950c9cb4cc67667f716) *)
+(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 0f69ebb01c74d397bb642e13a8f84ebc) *)
    Regenerated by OASIS v0.2.1~alpha1
    Visit for more information and
                       bs_path = "src";
                       bs_compiled_object = Best;
                       bs_build_depends =
-                        [FindlibPackage ("json-wheel cadastr", None)];
+                        [
+                           FindlibPackage ("json-wheel", None);
+                           InternalLibrary "cadastr"
+                        ];
                       bs_build_tools = [ExternalTool "ocamlbuild"];
                       bs_c_sources = [];
                       bs_data_files = [];
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