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won't install tests executable

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 	$(SETUP) -doc $(DOCFLAGS)
 test: build
-	$(SETUP) -test $(TESTFLAGS) # -verbose
+	$(SETUP) -test $(TESTFLAGS)
 	$(SETUP) -all $(ALLFLAGS)
   CompiledObject: byte
   BuildDepends: oUnit
+  Install: false
 Test all
   Command: ./test.byte
 (* generated for the first time by OASIS v0.2.1~alpha1 *)
-(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 42bf3314808f4cf0d4711dc0cdfdd5ac) *)
+(* DO NOT EDIT (digest: 6266ddf1aaded781b6dc3efb4852fd17) *)
    Regenerated by OASIS v0.2.1~alpha1
    Visit for more information and
                       bs_build = [(OASISExpr.EBool true, true)];
-                      bs_install = [(OASISExpr.EBool true, true)];
+                      bs_install = [(OASISExpr.EBool true, false)];
                       bs_path = "test";
                       bs_compiled_object = Byte;
                       bs_build_depends = [FindlibPackage ("oUnit", None)];
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