cadastr / _oasis

OASISFormat: 0.2
Name:        cadastr
Version:     0.1
Synopsis:    OCaml data structures: generic interfaces, implementations
Authors:     Dmitry Grebeniuk <>
License:     LGPL-3.0 with OCaml linking exception
Plugins:     DevFiles (0.2), META (0.2), StdFiles (0.2)

BuildTools: ocamlbuild

Library cadastr
  Path:       src
  BuildDepends: num
  Modules:    Cadastr, Monoid, Cd_All, Cd_Int, Cd_List, Cd_Ops, Cd_Byte, Cd_Bytes, Cd_Chars, Cd_Strings, Cd_Array, Cd_Typeinfo, Cdt, Cd_Types, Cd_Option, Cd_Num, Cd_Tuples, Cd_Bool, Cd_Ref, Cd_Partapp, Cd_Int64, Cd_Ser, Cd_SortedArray, Cd_SortedArraySet, Cd_Utf8, Cd_Buffer, Cd_StringsCommon, Cd_Exn
  NativeOpt:       -w A
  ByteOpt:         -w A

Library "cadastr_json"
  FindlibName: json
  FindlibParent: cadastr
  Path: src
  BuildDepends: json-wheel, cadastr
  NativeOpt:       -w A
  ByteOpt:         -w A
  XMETADescription: some json support for cadastr

Executable tests
  Path:       test
  BuildTools: ocamlbuild
  CompiledObject: byte
  BuildDepends: oUnit, cadastr
  Install: false
  NativeOpt:       -w A
  ByteOpt:         -w A

Test all
  Command: env OCAMLRUNPARAM=b ./test.byte
  XCustomClean: true
  XCustomDistclean: true
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