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Dmitry Grebeniuk
small fixes for .hgignore
Dmitry Grebeniuk
small fixes for Makefile + .hgignore
Dmitry Grebeniuk
Coq 8.3pl4 can't compile ErrorMonad.v, complains "Error: The label Error is already declared". (seems like "Error : E -> error E A" and "Module Error." conflict.) Fixed by introducing another module. (Ok/Error still visible when opening ErrorMonad.)
Add missing [Require].
Reenable ReaderMonad, still have to fix the compilation problem
Replace the [Section] mechanism for implicit arguments with a newer syntax
Few more tweaks for documentation
Further changes due to renaming
Remove old file (Identity.v)
Rename Identity to IdentityMonad
Rename Identity to IdentityMonad
Dmitry Grebeniuk
added/changed doc; wrapped long lines
Fix compilation problem
Add needed module type constraint
Add clean target to Makefile
Add html/ to .hgignore.
More docs
Add some more doc comments
Add my name as the contributor :-)
Add Identity.v to the build system
Add Identity monad as a separate module, and update rest of the code
Better documentation and move Identity monad to separate module
More functionality for monads
Back to Basics rather than Sequence and stub for the more advances operations
Add default value for record projection
Add projection to record, for people who prefer first class monadic interface
Add explicit @
Add more stuff to Monads.v. Better doc and more operators
By error commented out wrong file from the build system
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