ocaml-cstruct-codegen / Makefile

# DO NOT EDIT (digest: bc1e05bfc8b39b664f29dae8dbd3ebbb)

SETUP = ocaml setup.ml

build: setup.data
	$(SETUP) -build $(BUILDFLAGS)

doc: setup.data build
	$(SETUP) -doc $(DOCFLAGS)

test: setup.data build
	$(SETUP) -test $(TESTFLAGS)

	$(SETUP) -all $(ALLFLAGS)

install: setup.data
	$(SETUP) -install $(INSTALLFLAGS)

uninstall: setup.data
	$(SETUP) -uninstall $(UNINSTALLFLAGS)

reinstall: setup.data
	$(SETUP) -reinstall $(REINSTALLFLAGS)

	$(SETUP) -clean $(CLEANFLAGS)

	$(SETUP) -distclean $(DISTCLEANFLAGS)

	$(SETUP) -configure $(CONFIGUREFLAGS)

.PHONY: build doc test all install uninstall reinstall clean distclean configure


test1: all
	env OCAMLRUNPARAM=b ./test1.byte
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