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installing generated

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 	   iteratees.cma iteratees.cmxa tests_lwt.byte tests_lwt.native \
 	   tests_direct.byte tests_direct.native \
-	_build/get_sig.byte > _build/
+	-_build/get_sig.byte > _build/
 	# (cd _build && ocamlc -c -pp camlp4r
 install : all
 	  _build/it_Lwt_IO.cmi _build/direct_IO.cmi \
 	  _build/iteratees_http.cmi \
 	  _build/it_misc.cmi _build/it_Ops.cmi _build/it_Types.cmi \
-	  _build/subarray_cat.cmi _build/subarray.cmi
+	  _build/subarray_cat.cmi _build/subarray.cmi \
+	  -optional _build/
 deinstall :
 	ocamlfind remove $(PKG)
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