ocaml-iteratees / Changelog

0.4 (upcoming)
	 : list (iteratee 'el a') -> iteratee 'el 'a

	I.junk ( = drop 1)

	Reading integers with functions

	Pure_IO for pure computations

	I.enum_string for enumerating strings in constant and adjustable

	I.Reading_num(Num) for reading arbitrary precision numbers
	in decimal fixed point notation.

	installing via findlib

	I.UTF8.utf8_of_char: enumeratee for
	char -> utf8 conversion

	I.limit enumeratee to limit iteratee with the specified amount
	of input elements

	I.catch / I.catchk for catching errors (with optional recovery)

	I.feedI -- ported from Oleg's code

	generating with type of module made by Iteratees.Make(IO)
	(for pre-3.12 OCaml versions, really ugly generation)

	ported the code from
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