ocaml-logicm / tests_stream.ml

open Tests_common

module LogicM =
    include LogicM_stream
    let ( <+> ) a b = interleave ~chunk:100 a b
    let ifteu m th el = ifteu ~alg:`Diag m th el

open LogicM

type bindr = { bind : 'a 'b . ('a -> 'b m) -> 'a m -> 'b m }

let run_test ~time ~fn testfunc =
      (fun (alg_name, alg) ->
         Printf.printf "%s/%s\n%!" fn alg_name;
         let () = time
           (testfunc ~bindr:{bind = fun f m -> (LogicM.bind ~alg f m)}) () in
         print_newline ()
        ("diag50", (`Diagn 50));
        ("deep", `Deep)
      ; ("wide", `Wide)
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