ocaml_monad_io / iO_Lwt.ml

type m +'a = Lwt.t 'a;

value return = Lwt.return;

value bind = Lwt.(=<<);

value bind_rev = Lwt.bind;

value error = Lwt.fail;

value catch = Lwt.catch;


value wrap_exn _place = error

value wrap1 place f = fun a ->
  catch (fun () -> f a)
  (wrap_exn place)

value wrap2 place f = fun a b ->
  catch (fun () -> f a b)
  (wrap_exn place)

value wrap4 place f = fun a b c d ->
  catch (fun () -> f a b c d)
  (wrap_exn place)

value read_into = wrap4 "read_into" Lwt_io.read_into;

value error = Lwt.fail;

type output_channel = Lwt_io.output_channel;
value stdout = Lwt_io.stdout;
value write = wrap2 "write" Lwt_io.write;

type input_channel = Lwt_io.input_channel;

value open_in = wrap1 "open_in" (
  fun fn ->

value close_in x = wrap1 "close_in" Lwt_io.close x;

value runIO x : [= `Ok of 'a | `Error of exn ] =
  try `Ok (Lwt_main.run x)
  with [e -> `Error e]

value with_file_in_bin filename func =
  Lwt_io.with_file ~mode:Lwt_io.input filename func

value with_file_out_bin filename func =
  Lwt_io.with_file ~mode:Lwt_io.output filename func


value stdin = Lwt_io.stdin;

value printf fmt = Printf.ksprintf (write stdout) fmt;

value flush = Lwt_io.flush;

value close_out = Lwt_io.close;


type server = Lwt_io.server;

value establish_server ?buffer_size ?backlog sa func =
  Lwt_io.establish_server ?buffer_size ?backlog sa func

value shutdown_server = Lwt_io.shutdown_server

value run_and_ignore_result = Lwt.ignore_result
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