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+LGPL with OCaml linking exception.
+    What is Parvel
+  Message passing primitives for OCaml in style between
+the actors and erlang.
+    Where is the documentation
+  There is not so much documentation for now.  See parvel.mli for
+actual API, see for
+some documentation, plans, concepts' description, mostly russian
+    License
+  LGPL with OCaml linking exception.
+    Authors
+  Dmitry Grebeniuk  gdsfh1 at gmail dot com
+    Acknowledgements
+  Parvel developement is sponsored by Amatei.  Thanks for the money.
+  Parvel is inspired by actors-style message passing and erlang.  Thanks
+for the conception.
+  Parvel architecture and implementation include many ideas and
+design choices that were derived from discussions in ocaml jabber
+conference (language: russian).
+Thanks for the help.