How to use Flash Plugin in Xulrunner without Install,just copy some files into Xulrunner

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aaron cai created an issue

1.Make dir in XULRunner directory,named "Plugins" 2.Copy "gcswf32.dll" from Chorme directory,then rename it like this "NPSWF32.dll",then copy it in to dir of "Plugins". 3.Copy "flashplayercplapp.cpl" in to dir of "Plugins". 4.Copy "flashplayerapp.exe" in to dir of "XULRunner",not dir of "Plugins" then u can use it perfectly

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  1. Joe Brassi

    I'm afraid this approach you expose does not work. Could you please specify what version of xulrunner you're using?. At least with version 22 it doesn't work.

    Any way you can update your solution?

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