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Issue #9 new

Add Version property to XpCom

Alexei Shcherbakov
created an issue

Not version of GeckoFX, but version of Xulrunner :) I haven't find a platform independent (Windows and Linux) solution yet

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  1. geckofx repo owner

    one of these may help...

    • nsIAccessibleApplicaion.GetAppVersionAttribute()
    • nsIUpdateService.GetAppVersionAttribute()
    • nsIDOMNavigator.GetAppVersionAttribute()
  2. Alexei Shcherbakov reporter

    nsIUpdateService is not exist in xulrunner 10 :( nsIAccessibleApplicaion - must be implemented by xulrunner developer and it holds information about app itself.

    So, I try to get it from nsIDOMNavigator

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