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Issue #11 resolved

Change User-Agent

Anonymous created an issue

Is it possible to change the User-Agent? In my Case I have to access a special website via my Browser and I get the error message "Your browser is not supported by Oracle BI Presentation Services" the only solution is to change the User-Agent atm its Gecko/14 and I will change this to Gecko/14 Firefox/14.0.1 is this possible?


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  1. johnyar

    Hello! I have a href with event onclick = “Submit ()”. I pretend to click a link through

    mybrows.Navigate (javascript: void (Submit ()));

    And when I change useragent over

     Gecko.GeckoPreferences.User ["general.useragent.override"] = sUserAgent;

    my code mybrows.Navigate (“javascript: void (Submit ())”); stops working. What could be wrong?

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