Issue #15 resolved

There are bugs in revisions after 378 - use of ObserveActivity callback causing crashes.

Alexei Shcherbakov
created an issue

I tried geckofx-9.0 & geckofx-10.0 Code with http observers realization is VERY unstable.

P.S. I seems to me, that adding observers to default realization of WebBrowser is not good by design, just because observers have app wide visibility (For example, if 5 WebBrowser's are created - 5 observers are created and each observer monitors ALL Http traffic of our application. In C# we must minimize of using COM objects, that are not needed for us.

Please respond.

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  1. hindlemail
    • changed status to open

    Thanks zluyprotoss.

    1. I am aware of the issue with the http observers, and believe it to be a issue with nsACString disposing objects that that they don't own. (IE nsACString objects created by native -> C# call backs)

    I'm currently in dialog with Romi about the best way to fix it.

    2. I agree the observer code should not run by default. We need to change this.

  2. hindlemail

    PS. sorry for the pain this caused, but in the long run properly fixing the marshal issue with nsACString on callbacks should improve geckofx;s stablilty.

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