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v1.3.0 [2011-09-19] Michael Granger

Added a new task :check_history, and a new config option 'check_history_on_release' for ensuring the History file is updated before releasing.

v1.2.2 [2011-08-22] Michael Granger

Don't overlay existing mercurial tasks if an 'hg:checkin' task already exists.

v1.2.1 [2011-02-01] Michael Granger


  • Update Hoe dependency
  • Consistency fixes.
  • Fixed the add_include_dirs call, describe the 'ci' task
  • Updated hoe dependency

v1.2.0 [2011-01-05] Michael Granger

Removed old attributes:

  • 'hg_repo', the task now just uses the Mercurial 'default' or 'default-push' path.
  • 'hg_release_branch', which wasn't really used as a branch


  • hoe-mercurial now injects itself as a dev dependency.

v1.1.1 [2011-01-04] Michael Granger

Simplified the hg:checkin task.

v1.1.0 [2010-12-14] Michael Granger

Initial release after forking from hoe-hg.