Michael Granger committed 3bb236b

Add coverage task.

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 hoe-deveiate -v0.1.1
 linkparser -v1.1.3
+simplecov -v0.6.4
+wordnet -v1.0.0
 ENV['VERSION'] ||= hoespec.spec.version.to_s
 task 'hg:precheckin' => [ :check_history, :check_manifest, :spec ]
+desc "Build a coverage report"
+task :coverage do
+	ENV["COVERAGE"] = 'yes'
+	Rake::Task[:spec].invoke


 	$LOAD_PATH.unshift( libdir.to_s ) unless $LOAD_PATH.include?( libdir.to_s )
+# SimpleCov test coverage reporting; enable this using the :coverage rake task
+	$stderr.puts "\n\n>>> Enabling coverage report.\n\n"
+	require 'simplecov'
+	SimpleCov.start do
+		add_filter 'spec'
+		add_group "Needing tests" do |file|
+			file.covered_percent < 90
+		end
+	end
 require 'linguistics'
 require 'rspec'
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