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Bump year in manual

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File dev/making-a-release

 - run debchange
 - Fix the actual problems (updating NEWS, CREDITS, debchange as we go)
 - Test with dev/chroot-test/run-test
-- Ensure year in README is up to date
+- Ensure year in README and doc/manual.docbook is up to date
 - Update Standards-Version
 - dev/debian-build/dbuild
 - CHROOT_TEST_INSTALLDEB=true dev/chroot-test/run-test

File doc/manual.docbook

   <title>Sharing Mercurial repositories with mercurial-server</title>
-  <copyright><year>2008-2011</year><holder>Paul Crowley, LShift Ltd</holder></copyright>
+  <copyright><year>2008-2012</year><holder>Paul Crowley, LShift Ltd</holder></copyright>
 <title>About mercurial-server</title>
-Paul Crowley, <email></email>, 2011
+Paul Crowley, <email></email>, 2012