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= Redleaf

Redleaf is an RDF library for Ruby. It's composed of a hand-written binding for the Redland RDF
Library, and a high-level layer that adds some idioms that Rubyists might find familiar.

It's currently not quite feature-complete, but the extension already binds a good slice of the
functionality that is offered by Redland. It should be considered to be of alpha quality: while
we've already started building projects using it, we expect that the API may have to change
somewhat as we learn more, and it has not yet been throughly tested in a production setting.

In the meantime, you can help out by checking out the current development source with Subversion
from the following URL:


The project page also has more details and the most-recent API documentation:

== Testing

Provided you have Rake and RSpec (`gem install rake rspec` if you don't) installed, you can run the tests in this directory with the command:

  $ rake spec

Note that the Redleaf::Store classes that store triples in an RDBMS actually do connect to a database. While this is not ideal (I'd much rather they work in isolation), it can't be helped if
the corresponding bindings are to be testable. Connection errors should be handled gracefully as 'Pending' examples, but if you want to exercise one or more of them, just make a YAML file called 'test-config.yml' in the base directory, and add a Hash for each backend you wish to test with the requisite connection information. An example is provided as 'test-config.yml.example'.

== Authors

* Michael Granger (
* Michael Granger (

== Contributors

* Thanks to Leslie Wu (lwu2 at for her suggestions and bug reports.
* Thanks to Gregg Kellogg (gregg at for suggestions regarding the testing of the 
	RDBMS-backed stores.

== License

:include: LICENSE


See the LICENSE file for additional licensing details.