Michael Granger avatar Michael Granger committed 894d625

Bugfix for shared example group output.

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 	gem.authors           = "Michael Granger"
 	gem.email             = ["ged@FaerieMUD.org"]
-	gem.homepage          = 'http://deveiate.org/projects/WebKit-RSpec-Formatter'
+	gem.homepage          = 'http://deveiate.org/webkit-rspec-formatter.html'
 	gem.has_rdoc          = true
 	gem.rdoc_options      = RDOC_OPTIONS
 	gem.signing_key       = '/Volumes/Keys/ged-private_gem_key.pem'
 	gem.cert_chain        = [File.expand_path('~/.gem/ged-public_gem_cert.pem')]
 	DEPENDENCIES.each do |name, version|
 		version = '>= 0' if version.length.zero?
 		gem.add_runtime_dependency( name, version )


 %        example.example_group.ancestors.push(example.example_group).each do |group|
 %          if group.metadata[:shared_group_name]
             Shared Example Group: "<%= h group.metadata[:shared_group_name] %>" called from 
-                        "<%= h backtrace_line(group.metadata[:example_group][:location]) %>
+                        "<%= backtrace_line(group.metadata[:example_group][:location]) %>
 %            break
 %          end
 %        end


 	include ERB::Util
 	# Version constant
-	VERSION = '2.0.0'
+	VERSION = '2.0.1'
 	# Look up the datadir falling back to a relative path (mostly for prerelease testing)
 	DEFAULT_DATADIR = Pathname( Config.datadir('webkit-rspec-formatter') )
 project_pubdir: /usr/local/www/public/code/
 project_pubhost: deveiate
-project_homepage: http://deveiate.org/projects/WebKit-RSpec-Formatter
+project_homepage: http://deveiate.org/webkit-rspec-formatter.html
 gem_pubhost: rubygems.org
   Rspec-Bundle: ">=0"
 version_file: rspec/core/formatters/webkit.rb
 - data/**/*
+required_ruby_version: ""
 dev_dependencies: {}
       --format RSpec::Core::Formatters::WebKit
   Have fun!
 project_name: WebKit-RSpec-Formatter
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