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A WebKit RSpec Formatter


This is a formatter for RSpec 2 that takes advantage of features in WebKit to make the output from RSpec in Textmate more fun.

Test output looks like this:

Example Output


To get started, install the rspec-formatter-webkit gem:

$ gem install rspec-formatter-webkit

If you're running specs in Textmate via the RSpec bundle, you can use the webkit formatter by opening Textmate's 'Advanced' Preferences and adding a TM_RSPEC_OPTS Shell Variable with the value --format RSpec::Core::Formatters::WebKit:


That's it!


It's also usable anywhere else the standard HTML formatter is, of course. Also, while it's specifically intended to be used under the Textmate HTML viewer that the RSpec bundle uses, the output should work fine under recent Gecko/Firefox-based viewers, as well.

Patches/suggestions welcomed.

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