RSpec 3 TextMate 2 Bundle

I got frustrated with the regular RSpec bundle, which wasn't really ported to work with TextMate 2, and for which I was carrying around a huge list of deltas.

I'm planning on making this a pretty simple bundle that just includes some basic stuff that I use every day like a spec runner, the file-switcher thing, and a grammar that's updated for RSpec 3. It's for myself, but if it ends up being useful for you too, then I'll happily accept pull requests; I only ask that you follow the conventions already in the code. I know I'm a weirdo and use "smart tabs" and so should be crucified with all the BSD weirdos, but I started writing Ruby in 2001 and had a good six years of habit and thousands of lines of code I'd have to redo before Rails came along and decided that 2-space indent was the One True Way™.

This bundle borrows the preferences and a bit of the language grammar from the RSpec2 bundle by Florian Weber and the RSpec team. Many thanks to them for the original.


The license of RSpec3.tmbundle is the same as RSpec's.