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Some POST requests of type multipart/form-data raise error

Michael Granger
repo owner created an issue

A POST request with some kind of multipart/form-data fail like so:

10:58:00 angelfish.1 | [2013-10-31 10:58:00.854816 25575/main]  info {Angelfish:0x7fec0b1ec1d0} -- Done: #<Angelfish:0x00007fec0b1ec1d0 conn: #<Mongrel2::Connection:0x00007fec0b1f4a10 {angelfish} tcp:// <-> tcp:// (connected)>>
 (TNetstring::ProcessError)rs/ged/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p247@angelfish/gems/tnetstring-0.3.4/lib/tnetstring.rb:184:in `assert': No payload type: ------WebKitFormBoundaryrYePAATAzqFJWyS3

I haven't tracked down exactly what causes this, but I have a failing test case for it.

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